Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sun Boxes at PSU

I will be heading north on my 41st birthday.
Sun Boxes on the grass in front of HUB at
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, New Hampshire

April 18th 2011


  1. This amaizing! Happy early birthday and hope you'll stop by Indy again. We had fun having you over.

  2. I love the sound these make. I think some audio files on itunes or just for download would be a good idea. After hearing these at PSU it makes me want them on my ipod.

  3. I imagine you'll be on the road soon. I will be doing a sound exhibit at Artscape myself at the Rabbit Hole area. I wanted to check that your stuff is still in Bb and that it's in tune. Why? Because I figure I might as well do mine in a relative or the same key just in case we're near each other.

    Beau Finley
    (my name as written above @ gmail)